Basic Operations – Automotive Module

Automotive Acquisition Mode an Automotive Tools requires Automotive Module license in addition to the basic oscilloscope license.

Click on this control group to switch the mode from Oscilloscope to Automotive.

In the master section you can set the oscilloscope acquisition rate and start/stop the recording. Only the rates in White color can be selected and available rates depends from the oscilloscope brand/model.

The maximum recording time depends from the selected rate (greater is the rate, less is the available recording time). The maximum recording time depends also from the Memory allocated in the HScope Settings.

Channels controls are similar to the Oscilloscope mode.


After you start the recording, the rate and channels settings cannot be changed until the acquisition ends.

After pressing the REC button the app listens to the input channels waiting for any significative variation for starting the actual recording.
While waiting for the input signal, the interface show the channel levels in real-time. By clicking on the 0 button on each channel, you can set the offset of the input signal to 0.

Auto-Start vs Manual-Start

Auto-Start is the default option. The app wait for a significative input signal variation and then it start to record. But in Settings General you can also choose Recording Start as Manual. In this case after pressing the REC button the app show you the channels levels with another button to actually start the recording.


For Filters usage refer to the specific chapter. Particular in the Automotive module is that filters can be set before or changed even after the acquisition. The filter can be changed several times and it will consider always the first time raw acquired data, until you actually save the waveform.

Saved waveforms contain the filtered data so from this data is not possible to change the filtering parameters since the original data information is lost. Successive filtering will consider the filtered data contained in the loaded waveform.