Keyboard Control

You can use bluetooth keyboard and mouse to control the app for example on televisions or screens with Android TV Boxes. Here is the list of keys you can use to control some of the functions:

General Controls

rRun / Stop
mSwitch Mode (Oscilloscope / Automotive / Voltmeter)
qIncrease Sampling Rate
aDecrease Sampling Rate

Graph Controls

(arrow up)Zoom In Y axis
(arrow down)Zoom Out Y axis
(arrow left)Zoom In X axis
(arrow right)Zoom Out X axis
(space)Show/Hide Controls Menu
fFit Waveforms to Screen (Y axis)

Channel 1

1Enable/Disable Channel 1
7Switch Input Voltage
8Switch Input Probe
5Enable/Disable Auto Voltage Selection
zSwitch AC/DC/OFF Input Coupling
xShow/Hide Samples
cShow/Hide Stats
iMove Channel 1 Up
kMove Channel 1 Down

Channel 2

2Enable/Disable Channel 2
9Switch Input Voltage
0Switch Input Probe
6Enable/Disable Auto Voltage Selection
vSwitch AC/DC/OFF Input Coupling
bShow/Hide Samples
nShow/Hide Stats
oMove Channel 2 Up
lMove Channel 2 Down


tSwitch Trigger Channel
sSwitch Trigger Slope
gSwitch Trigger Mode (Auto, Normal, Single)
yTrigger Level Up
hTrigger Level Down