Math Channel

To add a math channel, just click select MATH in the modules and you will see the Math configuration panel. You can quickly select one of the built-in functions, such as inversion or addition. All the standard arithmetic functions are supported along with more complex functions like demodulation and instant frequency of the signal.

With HScope currently you have available only 1 math channel.

List of functions

Basic functions:- A (invert)
A + B (sum)
A - B
A x B
A : B
Advanced functions:demod (demodulation)
(instant frequency)

Amplitude Demodulation

For some signals (for example from vibrations sensors), the information is carried by the amplitude (or envelope) of the signal. The demod() function allow to do this operation. Following is the equivalent circuit of this operation.

Envelope Detector

Instant Frequency

Visualize the instant frequency variation of the signal along time. The freq() function is useful for signal where frequency variation bring the useful information.

Sample application of this function to detect missfire with Automotive Module (detected 1 missfire event during long period recording):