Oscilloscope Settings

Here you have the settings related the oscilloscope and you can see the oscilloscope information (when connected).


Enable the WiFi or Bluetooth connection in case you have these kind of oscilloscope. If not disable them so the app would not search on these networks.

The IP Address (WiFi) configuration is currently used only for iDSO1070 oscilloscope in case the user assign a custom IP address to this device in the WiFi network.

Oscilloscope Info

Here you can see the hardware information when the oscilloscope is connected. This screen is refreshed in real-time.

Hardware Configurations

Here you can set additional oscilloscope hardware configurations, according the oscilloscope capabilities.

WiFi Oscilloscopes

Beside to enable the WiFi in HScope settings, you should have also your phone connected to the WiFi network in order to let HScope to find your oscilloscope. Some oscilloscope create their own WiFi network so your Android device should be connected to it. Other oscilloscopes may be connected to you home or jobplace WiFi network. In this case the phone must be connected to the same network.

Bluetooth Oscilloscopes

They should be paired to the Android phone first and then they can be detected by HScope.