Probe Settings

You can add, remove, configure or import probes in the Settings → Probes panel.

Probe Settings Panel

To calculate the values for a new probe you can try this online tool.

Backup Your Probes

You can find a backup of your probes configuration in the Documents Folder selected in Settings → System. The backup file is called Probes.cfg (ie. /Download/HScope/Probes.cfg). HScope will automatically save the probes configuration on this file.

Warning: in case you don't have selected a Documents Folder in Settings → System then this automatic backup won't work.

Import / Download Probes

Click on the Cloud icon to access the Import Probe screen. Here you can import probes configurations from a probe backup file or from the cloud.

Import Probe Screen

Import from File

Click on the folder icon on top/right of the screen to load a saved Probes.cfg file. You can also have renamed this file (ie. Probes_2021.cfg). The important for this file is that it end with .cfg extension.

Only new probes will be imported, if a probe already exists with the same name it won't be imported.

Download from Cloud

On the list you can download single probe configurations from common brands or DIY probes.

Click on the cloud download icon to get the probe configuration.

DIY probes are available in the cloud list with link to instruction how to build it. In case of DIY probes you can click on the arrow icon and open the page for the probe building.