Waveforms Management

With HScope you can import/export and share waveforms.

Most of the operations are done in the Waveform Manager:

  1. Import from Cloud button: import a Waveform from the Cloud (it requires to know the Waveform ID, see under)
  2. Import Waveform file from Phone (HScope .zip file format)
  3. Import all Waveforms from a folder in the Phone (HScope .zip file format)

You can see additional information about the waveform by pressing the Show Details button:

Waveform File Format

The Waveforms are saved inside .zip files. The package contain waveform information and data in an open XML format, and the pictures/photos related to the waveform.

You can also export the waveform in another format by using the Share Button.

Cloud Sharing

You can send waveforms to colleagues or friends by using the Cloud Sharing, a free feature in HScope.

Click on the Share Button, then you select the Share via Cloud button:

After pressing the button the Waveform will be loaded and HScope will show you the Waveform ID that you can copy to the Clipboard or directly share to a friend.

On the other side, use the Import from Cloud button to input the number of the Waveform you want to import.

Note: If you copy to the Clipboard the Waveform ID from a chat, or a sentence containing it, when you press Import from Cloud button it will recognize automatically the number from the Clipboard.