About Us

We are are community of people who like to discover, want to understand and need to fix things in the tech world using electronic instrumentation. We like tools of all kind but we also look to more practical and accessible ways to do things. We are in third world countries fixing cars with a bulb and a wire. We are around projects with our lab in our pockets. We are like you, if you found us. And we share our experiences.

HScope has been written and it is currently maintained by a single developer (Martin)

In The Beginning

One day Martin had a problem in one of his projects. It was like hunting for a ghost. A security system had failed doing its work. Randomly the system commanded the automatic opening of a restricted access area and the event was sporadic as once a day, at different times of the day.
After some thought the suspect fell on an electromagnetic interference issue. Martin had to understand what was passing through the cables, needed to see where the opening command was coming from. Typical work for an oscilloscope.
But Martin didn’t own one (last time he used one was in high school) and he didn’t want to buy one just for this fix, given work was on a benevolent basis. The oscilloscope had to be portable and cheap so Martin looked for an USB virtual oscilloscope. But there was another problem. All of them required Windows to run their software and, Martin didn’t have a Windows laptop either.
What were the options?
In the end, Martin developed the very first HScope app in 2 weeks, used it to detect and address that intermittent issue to resolution!
HScope was then published on Google Play and would have been forgotten there were it not for someone like you finding it, playing with it, fascinated by it, and coming forward with design feature requests and app improvements.
A community grew. People like you sharing experiences and suggestions making HScope the Android app it is today!