Shop Process

Step 1

After you make an order you will receive immediately an email of confirmation.

Step 2

You will receive an email to notify you that the parcel has been sent to the Port of Delivery, after 2-7 days from the order. Longer time is required in case some item is in backorder. Orders coming in the weekend or during local festivities will be managed from the first working day.

Step 3

Your parcel arrive to the port warehouse in 2-3 days. Once assigned the tracking number you will receive an email with the link to track your parcel.

Step 4

According to the destination the required time to receive the goods may be from 10 to 30 days.

CountryDelivery Time (days)
US, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Japan8-10
Germany, France, UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal5-7
Canada, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia8-12
Australia, New Zealand6-8
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia10-12
Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus, Malta, Finland, Mexico10-15
Peru, Colombia30-60
Typical delivery time for some country (from Port of Delivery to destination)

If your country is not listed check the distributors page or send an email to support [at] to add the destination.


  • It is customer responsibility to provide correct address and email contacts. PO Boxes and proxy delivery companies are not suggested so it is sole responsibility of the Customer to provide a correct address and check the delivery status.
  • If you don’t receive any email after the purchase, contact IMMEDIATELY or write in the Telegram group (public group HScope)
  • In case the parcel could not be delivered since nobody can be found at the address indicated, or the business is closed, and it is no possible to reach the customer at the email contact left in the order, the order would not be delivered and it won’t be refunded.
  • When the local delivery company confirms the parcel has been delivered the order is automatically closed. It is responsibility of the Customer to check with the local delivery company in case he did not receive the parcel. Details of the local delivery can be found by opening the provided delivery link, under the page: