Support the R&D

If you want to help the projects you see in this website, there are several things you can do:

  • Join the Telegram group @HScope and be part of the community
  • Join the Beta program (in Google Play), get the latest Beta App and help to test new features, report bugs
  • Promote HScope to your friends
  • Suggest new features


Sponsors have the first access and lower cost for new products (see under). Sponsor are defined as:

  • Persons who make recurring Paypal donations
  • Persons who actively help to promote HScope app and related products inside their own community

HScope licenses are provided at a low-controlled fee. Please note that it takes a lot of time and effort to build, test and maintain it and to interact with the growing community of users. If you find HScope useful and want to support further development, please consider making a small PayPal donation. Every little bit counts! If you want to push a new feature, I’ll gladly accept a donation for it.

please indicate in the notes the purpose of donation

Upcoming products

HS-ACCEL – Vibration Analysis System

Complete Vibration Analysis System with high resolution accelerometers and fast laser referencing sensor.
Project start: Oct 2022
Current status (Jun 2023): production started
Product Page: Link

Sponsors 2022-2023

The above projects has been developed with the support of: