Hantek DSO-2250

Hantek DSO2250

One of the first Hantek oscilloscopes, it is supported by a variety of third party’s apps. In HScope it doesn’t perform well as the other oscilloscopes so it is not suggested for a new purchase. All the details about HScope support are in this page.

Driver available in BETA version

The driver for this device is under development. The license for this device is currently available at a discounted price.

Specifications *

  • Channels: 2
  • Effective ADC bits (without error): 8
  • Min sampling rate: 50KSa/s
  • Max sampling rate (2 channels): 125MSa/s
  • Input range: 40mV – 20V
  • Number of samples each scan: 5160
  • Waveform update rate (2 channels, rate >= 125KSa/s): NA
  • Roll Mode: NA
  • AC/DC: hardware
  • Power Consumption: 0.52 A (it may require external power)

*Provided by HScope

Modules Support

  • Automotive Module: NOT SUPPORTED
  • Audio Module: NOT SUPPORTED


  • Hardware AC/DC coupling
  • Hardware Trigger
  • Wide input range (up to 20Vp)


  • Do not support real-time continous acquisition
  • Due to Android limitations in USB speed you may experience data broken at higher sampling rates.


  • It is suggested to do the Calibration procedure with the original software before use. It take about 10min. each channel.