Hantek DSO-2090/2250

One of the first Hantek oscilloscopes, it is supported by a variety of third parities’ apps. In HScope it doesn’t perform well as the other oscilloscopes so it is not suggested for a new purchase. All the details about HScope support are in this page.

Supported Oscilloscopes

  1. Hantek DSO2090
  2. Hantek DSO2250

Specifications *

  • Channels: 2
  • Effective ADC bits (without error): 8
  • Min sampling rate: 50KSa/s
  • Max sampling rate (2 channels): 125MSa/s
  • Input range: 40mV – 20V
  • Number of samples each scan: 5160
  • Waveform update rate (2 channels, rate >= 125KSa/s): NA
  • Roll Mode: NA
  • AC/DC: hardware
  • Power Consumption: 0.52 A (it may require external power)

*Provided by HScope

Modules Support

  • Automotive Module: NOT SUPPORTED
  • Audio Module: NOT SUPPORTED


  • Hardware AC/DC coupling
  • Hardware Trigger
  • Wide input range (up to 20Vp)


  • Do not support real-time continuous acquisition
  • Due to Android limitations in USB transfer speed you may experience data broken at higher sampling rates.


  • It is suggested to do the Calibration procedure with the original software before use. It take about 10min. each channel.