Owon VDS1022

Specifications *

  • Effective ADC bits (without error): 6-7 bits
  • Min sampling rate: 2.5 KSa/s
  • Max sampling rate (2 channels): 100 MSa/s
  • Input range: ±25mV to ±25V
  • Number of samples each scan: 5098 Sa
  • Waveform update rate (2 channels, rate >= 125KSa/s): 20 wfms/sec
  • Roll Mode: not supported
  • AC/DC: hardware

Modules Support

  • Automotive Module: not supported
  • Audio Module: not supported


  • Hardware AC/DC coupling
  • Wide input range
  • Long memory buffer (5K samples)
  • Usage of device calibration data (from v.129)


  • High input noise
  • Don’t support continuous acquisition (in HScope)

Other Notes

The HScope driver implement the firmware v.3.7.
It seems that recently (2021) OWON has updated the firmware on the new devices. This new firmware may not be compabile with HScope v.3.7 driver.

Other Resources

* In HScope