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HC-05 Bluetooth Module

This part is specifically provided for the HS101 BLT Oscilloscope. One of the most difficult part to source for this project since the different kind of HC05 and HC06 modules present in the market.

This part works at high serial speed as required for the HS101 and it is already configured so you can plug & play. You should use only the central 4 pins, STATE and EN pins are not used and can be also removed.

Additional information in the documentation here: HC-05_Guide.pdf


HS502/512 Repair Kit

For HS502/512 first edition (up to May 2024). Spare parts to repair one broken analog channel (in case incurred in high input voltage). Take just if have tools and experience with SMT rework (it requires at least SMT rework station – hot gun and magnifying glasses).

This kit includes the main parts for 2 analog channels:

  • 2x BAV99 protection diodes
  • 2x MCP6S91 PGA (programmable gain amplifier)
  • 2x AQY210S (for AC/DC selector)
  • 8x voltage divider resistors (x4 for the HS502 model and x4 for the HS512 model)
  • 2x inductors
  • 1x 1117 voltage regulator

Replace the components of same shape, starting from the ICs. For the resistors check the right value with a magnifying lens.


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CY7C68013A-56LTXC, HC-05 BLT Module, HS502/512 Repair Kit