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Signal Attenuators, different ranges, for multiple oscilloscope models

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By using this item, the oscilloscope can measure the voltage higher than its range. For example a standard oscilloscope with ±5V input range can read up to ±20V input range.
A special Spark version is designed for automotive use, i.e. fuel injectors and main point arc waveform.

It’s unique feature is the possibility of compensation that allow to be used with several oscilloscope brand and models (check the specifications).


SPARK AT-20 AT-10 AT-04
Attenuation factor 20:1 20:1 10:1 4:1
Typical Use Fuel injectors /
Primary ignition
Extend oscilloscope
range from:
±5v to ±100v
Extend oscilloscope
range from:
±5v to ±50v
±16v to ±160v
Extend oscilloscope
range from:
±5V to ±20V
±16V to ±64V
±20V to ±80V
MAX Voltage NA 100V
Spark/ESD Protection Output limited to 50V Output limited to 50V Output limited to 50V
Bandwidth 500kHz 10MHz
Input Resistance 1.06M 1.06M 1.13M 1.50M
Compatibility Supports different oscilloscope models with input impedance 1MOhm since it can be compensated according the oscilloscope model.

Tested on Hantek, Loto and HS oscilloscopes.

Item Size 60 x 21 x 16mm


  • Oscilloscope with input impedance 1MOhm, BNC connector.
  • Regulation of compensation requires a square waveform between 1 and 10KHz.

Package Includes

  • x1 piece attenuator
  • x1 plastic screwdriver for the regulation of the compensation (for compensated models)


Do not use this attenuator for high voltage measurement except fuel injectors or primary ignition. This attenuator must not be used to measure mains voltages, secondary ignition or other hazardous voltages.

Fuel injector and primary ignition signals contain short duration high voltage spikes “inductive kicks”. We therefore recommend the use of two ground connections between the oscilloscope and the vehicle under test. One ground connection is made using the measurement test lead. A second ground lead should be connected between one of the BNC connectors on the oscilloscope and a secure ground point on the vehicle such as the negative terminal of the battery. Misconfiguration and/or failure to follow these warnings may cause damage to the product and/or computer and could cause injury to yourself or others.

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 4 cm

AT-04, AT-10, AT-20, AT-AC, AT-04 + AT-10 + AT-20