Loto OSC802

Loto OSC802

Specifications *

  • Effective ADC bits (without error): 8 bits
  • Min sampling rate: 1500 Sa/s
  • Max sampling rate (2 channels): 80 MSa/s
  • Input range: ±100mV to ±5V
  • Number of samples each scan: up to 65KSa/s
  • Waveform update rate (2 channels): up to 30 wfms/sec
  • Roll Mode: supported
  • AC/DC: hardware
  • Trigger: hardware just on CH1

Modules Support

  • Automotive Module: supported up to 125KSa/s real-time
  • Audio Module: supported


  • Hardware AC/DC coupling
  • Fast real time acquisition with Cypress FX2 chipset (reach top rate in Automotive Module)
  • High ADC resolution at lower rates
  • Long memory buffer
  • Hardware Trigger
  • HScope read device calibration data (not need to be calibrated)


  • ±Input voltage up to 5V
  • Can use the trigger just on Channel 1

Issues *

Currently sampling at highest sampling rate it could be found that the first sample on 65KSa buffer is wrong.

Sainsmart DDS140

It has been reported from some user that Sainsmart DDS140 is recognized and can work with Loto OSC802 driver, however officially HScope do not support the DDS140.


* This information is valid just within HScope, it do not reflect any Producer data