HS101 Tests & Calibration

These quick tests are for checking if the HS101 DIY Oscilloscope work, without the need of any license.

Pay attention: this guide is just for the model HS101 and not for HS102, HS101 PRO or any other configuration.

1. Blue Pill Check

After the STM has been flashed check that the jumpers on the Blue Pill has the correct position.

2. Connect to Phone

Once connected the Blue Pill to the Phone with OTG cable (in piture it is a micro-USB to micro-USB):
1. Red Light should turn on (the Blue Pill is getting power from the phone)
2. The Green Light turn on after 1-2 seconds (firmware started)
3. A flat signal around 10V should appear in HScope (having just the Blue Pill flashed without the analog circuit part).

Common issues:
OTG cables like this in picture works just in one verse. Some has written Host on the side that must be connected to the phone. Some other have no text on so need to switch it to check which direction is correct.

3. A quick test

  • When the Blue Pill is connected open the HScope Settings and in Hardware do Enable reference signal.
  • Now close the settings, enable the acquisition by clicking on Scope button on top of menu.
  • Select Rate 100KSa/s.
  • On the Blue Pill connect PA0 pin to PB8 pin, on HScope you should see 1KHz square wave.

Sampling rate and refresh rates are limited in the free-version.
With the full version of HScope it is possible to have access to real-time statistics, FFT and to use the data logger. The refresh rate is up to 20-25 FPS.

4. Calibration

Calibration can be done just having HS101 license and when the Blue Pill is completely assembled with the Analog Module.

  • Connect the HS101 input channel to one of the pin 3.3 on the Blue Pill.
  • Go in HScope Settings -> Calibration
  • Click on Calib Multiplier, select the Channel 1 and select 3.3V DC. Click on Continue. HScope should now calibrate the oscilloscope and show the calibration value.

You can calibrate the oscilloscope also with some other stable source like a 5V from a stabilized power source (do not use 5V from USB cable since not accurate).