HScope Stand – Nikola 2022 Edition

Standalone oscilloscope base made in plexiglass and with a 3D printer.


This project made by Nikola is a plexiglass stand that allow to place together your tablet with your oscilloscope. The original design is specifically made for the Hantek 6022 but it is possibile to use also other oscilloscope models.


Material Required

  • PETG total 200gr, nozzle 0.4mm, for 3D printed parts (3 pcs of front and 3 pcs of back part)
  • x24 pcs M3 screws with conus head 10mm long (conus holes in plexi are made after laser cutting with 6 mm drill 2-2.5mm into plaxi)
  • x24 pcs M3 heat insert (the author used solder iron for this)
  • Plexigalss – 5mm thikness, to laser cut according drawing

Project Files