Digital Module

Before You Start

The Digital Module license is in addition to the basic HScope license for the supported oscilloscope model.

License Promotion

Support the development!

This module is currently under development (March 2020 – March 2021) and the this module license is currently available at half of the final market price.

What You Can Do

Transform an analog wave in digital signal

The analog oscilloscope can capture also digital signals and process with a decoder. This acquisition mode is not limited to TTL signals (0-5V) but it is possible to use an oscilloscope like a radio-wave sniffer to capture variations in electromagnetic field nearby a digital cable and capture / process the waveform.

Capture digital channels with oscilloscopes with this capability

This module support up to 4 digital input channels from those oscilloscopes which are capable of this input mode.

Current available decoders

  • UART (with parity check). Auto speed detection.
  • MODBUS over RS485
  • LIN
  • CAN