Loto OSC802

Loto OSC802 / SainSmart DS802/DDS140

Loto OSC802

Specifications *

  • Effective ADC bits (without error): 8 bits
  • Min sampling rate: 1500 Sa/s
  • Max sampling rate (2 channels): 80 MSa/s
  • Input range: ±100mV to ±5V
  • Number of samples each scan: up to 65KSa/s
  • Waveform update rate (2 channels): up to 30 wfms/sec
  • Roll Mode: supported
  • AC/DC: hardware
  • Trigger: hardware just on CH1

Models Supported

All the OSC802 submodels are supported:

  • OSC802
  • OSC802D

Submodel OSC802D is just supported in the main Oscilloscope features and not in the specific additional feature (digital analyser).

App Modules Support

  • Automotive Module: supported up to 125KSa/s real-time
  • Audio Module: supported


  • Hardware AC/DC coupling
  • Fast real time acquisition with Cypress FX2 chipset (reach top rate in Automotive Module)
  • High ADC resolution at lower rates
  • Long memory buffer
  • Hardware Trigger
  • HScope read device calibration data (not need to be calibrated)


  • ±Input voltage up to 5V
  • Can use the trigger just on Channel 1

SainSmart DS140/DDS140

It has been reported from some user that Sainsmart DDS140 is recognized and can work with Loto OSC802 license, however officially HScope do not support the DDS140.


* This information is valid just within HScope, it may not reflect the Manufacturer information