Standard Oscilloscope Probes


Standard oscilloscope probes

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Standard probes for oscilloscopes. Different models available.

1. BNC to Alligator Crocodile Clip

  • Cable External Diameter: Φ4. 0mm
  • Conductor External Diameter: Φ3. 0mm
  • Maximum input voltage: AC ~ 500Vpck DC ~ 250V
  • Cable Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Interface Needles: BNC
  • Total length: 100 cm
  • Plug Total Length: 44 mm
  • Relative humidity: less than 85%
  • Color: Black + Red
  • Materials: PVC
Packing Content
  • 1 x BNC to 2 Crocodile Clip Oscilloscope Test Probe Leads (1m)

2. Hantek Probes

● Attenuation ratio: x1× and x10 selectable with switch.
● Suitable for intermediate and low frequency signals.
● Adjusting tool: adjusts probe compensation to assure the match with the oscilloscope (for x10 range).
● 12cm GND wire with alligator clip
● 4 pairs of colored cable markers





Attenuationx1  x10
Input resistance1MΩ: 10MΩ
Input capacitancex1: 85pF-115pF
x1: 85pF-115pF
x10: 18.5pF-22.5pF
Compensation scope20pF-40pF15pF-40pF15pF-35pF
System bandwidthx1:DC-6MHz;
x10: DC-60MHz
x10: DC-80MHz
x1: DC-6MHz
x10: DC-100MHz
x1: DC-6MHz
x10: DC-200MHz
Input voltagex1:<200V DC +Peak AC
x10: <600V DC +Peak AC
Cable length120cm
Temperature scope:Operation: -10℃–+50℃
Not Operation: -20℃–+75℃
Humidity≤85% (Relative humidity)


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