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Bluetooth trigger button

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A wireless button that trigger functions in HScope app.
It can be used to:

  • Start Automotive recording manually
  • Add flags while the automotive recording is in progress


  • Battery powered (1x CR2032)
  • Bluetooth communication

First Configuration

  1. Keep the button clicked 3 sec. until it flashes.
  2. In the Android device search for Bluetooth devices (name: WONEW BR32-BR33) and pair it (after when you press the button the phone volume goes up)
  3. In HScope settings -> General go in the Automotive section and
    • Click on Start/Flag Trigger Button and press the button to configure it.
    • Set the Recording Start to Manual to start it the with button.


  1. Keep the button pressed to turn on or to turn off
  2. In HScope Automotive screen press REC first, then the bluetooth button to start the recording and place flags

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm