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Ultrasonic sensor probe for oscilloscopes

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This compact ultrasonic detector is intended to allow a technician to prove the correct operation of each of the ultrasonic parking sensors in turn. By directly showing the strength of the signal from a given sensor, it can also be used to identify problems with the masking of sensors due to the fitment of aftermarket accessories such as tow bars or lights.


  • No need additional power
  • Direct oscilloscope connection or with BNC extension cable
  • High performance sensor
  • Working Frequency: 40KHz
  • Detecting range: up to 1 meter
  • Size: 53mm x 14mm diameter

Usage Notes

  • Use a sampling rate of at least 200KSa/s or more
  • Oscilloscope input range to the lowest one (≤ 1 Vp)
  • Optionally use the trigger and set around 10 mV

Example Waveform

Martinloren Ultrasonic Probe vs Pico Parking Sensor TA329

(Martinloren Ultrasonic Probe in Yellow – data courtesy of Javier)

Waveform notes

This known good waveform has the following characteristics:

  • An oscillating pulse that almost immediately builds up to its highest peak to peak amplitude and then decays over a longer time period.
  • The overall size of the pulse depends on the proximity of the Ultrasonic parking sensor detector to the parking sensor and the serviceability of the sensor.
  • Generally, when the Ultrasonic parking sensor detector is held at the same distance, the pulse amplitudes should be the same for every sensor. However, there may be some deviations from vehicle front to back or inner to the outer (about the vehicle center line).
  • The pulse oscillation is around 40 kHz.

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