Change Log

Known Issues

  • License Activation problems found for some phones.
    Workaround: remove/close the app from Android tasks list and restart the app.
  • Feb 2019: Device not recognized after upgrade to Android 9 (Pie).
    Workaround: Unknown. It seems after some phone upgrade to Android 9 the USB OTG stops to work. Nothing is recognized.


  • Allow Horizontal Rules to be used also for Second Scale
  • Move Second Scale numbers on the right side
  • Add New Cloud services for Waveform sharing
  • Add New Digital Module

2.2.6 (165 – Beta) Mar, 2020

Implemented enhancements

  • Oscilloscope allow data import/export
  • Created new folders to keep saved files: Screenshots folder and Scope folder
  • Automotive Module support auto scroll according finger swipe (just after recording finished for data analyse)
  • FFT is now among the Modules
  • Trigger design updated
  • Hantek iDSO1070 can configure IP address in the settings
  • New Horizontal Cursors & Labels Overlay
  • Improved Vertical Cursors
  • Improved Logger
  • Added Driver for Loto OSCA02 and Loto OSC2002 (2019 Edition)
  • Improved Info panel (added Device name)
  • Labels can be exported/imported
  • Improved main view / added buttons with menu
  • Double click activate screen auto resize

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed crash or freeze on Automotive Module data import
  • Fixed Normal and Single Trigger issue on HS10X for rate <=100KSa/s (not roll mode)
  • Fixed issue on the original Brightness restore
  • Fixed visualization for waveform generated by Math Module
  • Fixed first sample error on OSC802 and OSCA02

2.2.5 (157) Feb, 2020

Implemented enhancements

  • Hantek 1008 added rate: 9KS/s
  • Duty Cycle calculator allow up to 5% tollerance on the requirement to have minumum value = 0V
  • Better file manager for Automotive Module
  • File Manager export also in CSV and XML formats
  • Automotive Module allow to import and analyze waveforms without requiring the license
  • Better auto-scrolling during Automotive Module recording
  • Better design for menu in Voltmeter / Datalogger panel
  • Channel 2 indicator moved on the left in Automotive Module
  • Better colors for waveforms in Automotive Module
  • File preview in Automotive module now uses 16:9 format
  • Old DDS120 must be configured first time in the Settings. See here
  • Supported new SainSmart DS482. See here

Fixed bugs

  • Hantek 1008 Fixed single trigger for lower rates (18 and 38 KSa/s)
  • Statistics corrected in Single Trigger Mode.
  • Fixed issue while operate 1-2-3 Label Tool in Automotive Module
  • Fixed fields size in Settings -> Probe panel
  • Automotive Module show correclty data units after import.
  • Automotive Module before set the Coupling to DC, now it keep AC or DC according to oscilloscope previous settings.

2.2.4 (154) Jan, 2020

Implemented enhancements

  • New Loto OSC802 Driver
  • Added optional scroller for Oscilloscope and FFT screens
  • More stable FFT statistics
  • Added auto-resize button for FFT
  • Improved Bluetooth connections management. Now you can pair several HS101 BLT oscilloscopes, then HScope connect just to the active one.
  • Automotive Data can be exported from low memory devices (before it crashed)
  • Improved Automotive scroller
  • Automotive Module export data in a new optimized and fast format (.hxml)
  • Automotive module can load and show saved waveforms (can load old and new format files)
  • Automotive new file format support waveform preview

Fixed bugs

  • Automotive Module produced corrupter samples on start (on first chunk)
  • Automotive Module fixed incorrect view size in some cases
  • Automotive Module could not enable channel after disable for 1 Channel Oscilloscopes (ie. HS101)
  • Fixed bug on iDSO1070, just 1 IP allowed for router mode (check device guide)
  • Fixed Time/Div selector in Oscilloscope