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3 Axis BLE Accelerometer

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  • 3-axis XYZ acceleration data
  • Accurate range: ±16g with 16bit resolution
  • Max vibration frequency: 50Hz (at max rate)
  • Sampling rate: 50 – 200 Sa/s oversampled to 500 – 2000 Sa/s  (it requires BLE 5.0 phones to run at full rate, otherwise max rate is 50Sa/s)
  • Bluetooth coverage range: < 50 meters (without obstacles)
  • low consumption Bluetooth 5.0 (battery life < 8 hours)
  • Supported by HScope (just acceleration data) – license provided on purchase

How to Use

  • Authorize HScope to use Location service and enable also Location service in the Tablet/Phone
  • Press the button for about 3 secs for power on/off
  • When the LED blink fast it is waiting for connection, after it is connected it blinks slow
  • Don’t need to pair in Android, just keep Bluetooth on

In the Packaging

  • x1 WT9011DCL BLE 5.0 sensor with USB Type-C interface
  • x1 Type-C short Data & Charging Cable

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BLE 5.0




Integrated battery (USB Type-C charging)