HS402-WiFi DIY Oscilloscope

HS402 Wifi Oscilloscope has been designed to provide good performances respect to the current alternatives in the market.

It can be used only with HScope app for Android.

HScope is in continuous development thanks to the contributions of the supporters, and aim to become one of the best affordable high-tech diagnostic tool. 
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Technical Specifications

Basic SpecsAccording HS402 specs.
Range≥ 5 m (in free air)
Wifi modeAccess Point (AP) or Station (STA), configurable
Wifi channelConfigurable in AP mode
Power consumption~200 mA (STM32 + ESP32)
(~100 mA with ESP32 Firmware v1.1)
Battery duration≥ 3 hours (with 2500mAh battery pack, PCB v2.0 with ESP32 devel board, continuous use)
≥ 2 hours (with 880mAh battery pack, PCB v3.0 option 3 with LDOs, continuous use)
OtherWeb based configuration, battery monitor (optional).
Noise ConsiderationsWifi transmission seems not to effect the device noise
Memory Buffer30K samples (half when use 2 channels together)
60K @ 4.2 MSa/s
OS VersionAndroid 7+ (Android 4.4 supported but Automotive Module cannot reach more than 100KSa/s for 1 channel and 50KSa/s for 2 channels)

*performances dependent from Android hardware and OS version. Check required OS Version. Suggested CPU 2.1GHz+

Built By The Users

Take a look to the HS402-WiFi Oscilloscopes build by the users!