HS402 DIY Oscilloscope

HS402 Oscilloscope series are quite good DIY oscilloscopes designed for higher performance respect the HS10X series while keeping the best ratio performance/cost/ease to build.

Power consumption is also one of the lowest in the market (~40mA). They can be used only with HScope app for Android (since version 2.2.7).

HScope is in continuous development thanks to the contributions of the supporters, and aim to become one of the best affordable high-tech diagnostic tool. 
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A 2 Channel oscilloscope based on STM32F4x1 Black Pill development board. It provide long memory buffer and high real-time transfer speed.

Technical Specifications

Channels1 or 2
Input RangeCan be built with one of the following variants:
Single range bypolar (ie. ±5V) | PRO (multiple ranges, selectable on app interface)

PRO input ranges
±16V, ±8V, ±4V, ±1.6V, ±500mV
Sampling RateSTM32F401
2 KSa/s – 1.4MSa/s
2.8MSa/s, 3.8 MSa/s not linear rates
2 KSa/s – 1.6MSa/s
3.2MSa/s, 4.2 MSa/s not linear rates
ADC Resolution8-12 Bits (8 bit @ max rate, 10bit @ 100KSa/s, 11bit @ 25KSa/s)
Input NoiseSchematic Option 1
0.4% MAX @ 1.4MSa/s
0.12% MAX @ 140KSa/s (in real-time, 2 Channels, 10 bit)
<0.01% @ 50KSa/s (in real-time, 2 Channels)
Cross-channel noise: 0.05%
Schematic Option 2 (REF2033)
0.17% MAX @ 1.4MSa/s
0.13% MAX @ 800KSa/s
0.09% MAX @ 400KSa/s (10 bit)
0.05% MAX @ 200KSa/s
<0.06% @ 160KSa/s (real-time, 2 Channel, 11 bit)
<0.05% @ 50KSa/s (in real-time, 2 Channels)
Cross-channel noise: 0.25%
700 KHz
Input Impedance1 Mohm (1.010 kOhm)
Memory BufferSTM32F401
16K samples (half when use 2 channels together)
32K @ 3.8 MSa/s
32K samples (half when use 2 channels together)
64K @ 4.2 MSa/s
Hardware – checked after each complete scan, not centered, may loose samples
Hardware, real-time, position within first 500 samples
HW Options Supported– AC/DC Coupling Module
– PWM Output Generator
– Input Buttons Module to control basic oscilloscope functions (eg. Start/Stop, sampling rate,..)
Modules Supported in HScopeAutomotive Module up to*:
280 KSa/s single channel, 140KSa/s with 2 channels
320 KSa/s single channel, 160KSa/s with 2 channels
Audio Module
– PWM Generator: supported up to 1 MHz, duty cycle 1-99%
OS VersionAndroid 7+ (Android 4.4 supported but Automotive Module cannot reach more than 100KSa/s for 1 channel and 50KSa/s for 2 channels)

*performances dependent from Android hardware and OS version. Check required OS Version. Suggested CPU 2.1GHz+

Built By The Users

Take a look to the HS402 Oscilloscopes build by the users! Available also the 3D files for printing the box!

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