HScope Update 2021/2022

Here are the new features developed in 2021/2022 (users with the last license purchase before 2021 can activate these features through the Update 2021/2022 in the License panel).

With this update you are going to keep/get all the provious updates:

1. Manual Set Zero Offset (Automotive Module)

Before the acquisition start in the the Automotive Module, now it is possible to bring to Zero the probe offset.

2. White Theme

High visibility white theme for outdoor measurements.

3. Math Channel in Automotive Module

Automotive Module now support the Math Channel both on recorded or loaded waveforms.

4. Math Channel Freq Function

New function to compute the instant waveform frequency. Following is a sample of frequency change (in Red) with air flow from MAF sensor (which changes with engine speed).

5. Audio Module WAV Import

Audio Module can now import WAV files and analyse them in HScope, process and export again as WAV.

6. Audio Module THD Processor

Audio Module can now calculate the (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) THD+N of an acquired file or an imported file.

7. Automotive Module Memory Upgrade

Now you can configure the allocated RAM for Automotive Module so to use your phone full potentials!

8. PDF Report

In Oscilloscope mode the Screenshot button produce a PDF Report. The title is configurable.