Precision Balancing Machine

A Balancing Machine is an instrument designed to measure and eliminate the Imbalance mass of a rotor. Dynamic Balancing Machines spin the rotor to detect the center of mass through vibration sensors. These vibration sensors are usually accelerometers. Finally, simple calculations will indicate the position of the correction weights to optimize performance.

Imbalance is the irregular distribution of mass surrounding a specific point. It is also defined as the distance between rotation center and mass center. For this reason, it is said that the closer these 2 points are, the lower the Imbalance will be.

DIY Balancing Machine

Thanks to Denis you can build your own balancer and obtain a good balancing quality at a much lower cost. All the parts can be made with a 3D printer and with componets sourced in the market.

Technical Specifications

Capacity6 Kg (stand = 12 total)
Swing40 cm diameter
Rotor speedvariable (450 RPM minimum required)
Device CommunicationWiFi
Software OSAndroid 7.0+


Main components

  • Mechanical frame (STL Files for the 3D Printer available here)
  • HS-ACC WiFi accellerometer – 2 sensors version (electronic/sensing part)
  • HScope app (software part)

ISO G2.5 Balancing Demonstration