HS-ACC WiFi Accelerometer

HS-ACC Wifi Accelerometer is a compact and easy-to-build device that provide real-time measures on acceleration to your Android phone or tablet. It can be used with HScope app for Android.

HScope is in continuous development thanks to the contributions of the supporters, and aim to become one of the best affordable high-tech diagnostic tool. 
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Typical Uses

  • Rotary Machine Vibration Monitoring
  • Bearing Fault Monitoring
  • Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Machinery
  • Predictive Maintenance (reference)

Technical Specifications

Single (1 accellerometer)Dual (2 accellerometers)
No of Channels3 (X, Y, Z) + 2 digital inputs2 (X1, X2) + 2 digital inputs
Input Range±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g
Sampling RateFrom 400Sa/s to 3200 Sa/s
Resolution10 bits
Acquisition MethodReal-time at any sampling rate
Wifi Range≥ 5 m (in free air)
Wifi modeAccess Point (AP) or Station (STA), configurable
Wifi channelConfigurable in AP mode
Power consumption~110 mA~120 mA
Battery duration≥ 3 hours (with 2500mAh battery pack, PCB v2.0 with ESP32 devel board, continuous use)
OtherWeb based configuration, battery monitor (optional).
OS VersionAndroid 7+

Building Instructions and Usage


This Project is currently in development, for who is going to build/test this device in this phase, license is provided for FREE.


You can build and use this device without a license for testing purpose. Without a license you can see only the first channel data. Sampling rate is limited.


  • License is bounded in the ESP32 Hardware.
  • Each device (ESP32+sensor) requires a license to work with the full features.
  • Keep the provided license code for a second use in case of firmware update on the same ESP board.

PRICING (Provisional)

HS-ACC SingleHS-ACC Dual
1 Acceleromenter1 or 2 Accelerometers
16 USD26 USD

Additional Information

VibrationData Toolbox

HS-ACC accelerometer data can be exported in CSV format and used in VibrationData Toolbox, with a lot of analysis functions.

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