Martinloren DC Current Clamp CC-80


DC Current Clamp, 20/80A.

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It is a current transducer which  linearly transform the current to voltage. If connect to an oscilloscope by BNC type connector, you’re able to observe the current waveforms.

DC Current Clamp, 20/80A. Supplied with BNC plug cable.

Main Features

  • Measurement Range: 20A or 80A, selectable
  • Bandwidth: 40kHz
  • Output only in DC mode which include both DC and AC components of the signal (if need only the AC component, the oscilloscope should support AC coupling mode)
  • It is a transducer which allows your multimeter to measure current data and enable your oscilloscope to measure the current waveforms.
  • Zero offset button (once pressed set the DC level to 0)
  • Auto power-off (after about 15 min. from power on)

Note: this is a modified version (April 2023) of the original model, with improved performances. The specifications under are valid only for this product and won’t reflect any other product even similar in shape and colors.


  • Power circuit measurement and malfunction analysis;
  • Motor drive of frequency converter (or other electronics) measurement;
  • Power electronics equipment measurement.
  • NOT suitable for long time data logging (since it has the auto power-off)

Usage Steps

  • Turn on the device by selecting 20A or 80A range
  • Select the corresponding probe in HScope app (can download this probe settings from the cloud)
  • Without measuring any current press the Zero offset button on the clamp (be sure the app read 0A)
  • Attach the clamp to the wire under test
  • Must use 80kHz low-pass software filter for having clean waveforms with max bandwidth, or less according the the signal measured


Range20A100mV = 1A
80A10mV = 1A
Captured Conductor Size9mm maximum (hole size about 12mm)
Rise time 0-3A (20A scale)< 12us
Low Battery Indictorred LED lighting
Battery Type9V DC
Battery Life100 hours typical with alkaline
Weight205g (battery not included)
Dimensions195mm(H) x 70mm(W) x 33mm(D)
ConnectionSupplied with 5mm PVC cable with BNC plug


CC-80 vs Hantek CC-65

CC-80Hantek CC-65
Range20A / 80A20A / 65A
Captured Conductor Size12mm maximum9mm maximum
Output5mm PVC cable with BNC plug (1.5m)3.8mm PVC cable with BNC plug (1m)
Price48 USD108 USD (Amazon)

Hantek CC-65 (in orange) vs CC-80 (in green) – Waveforms Comparison

Both use HScope low-pass filter set at 80kHz, except specified.

10KHz semi-square wave response, both waveforms filtered with low pass filter 50KHz.
1kHz sine waveform, AB Class Amplifier (can notice non-linearity near the 0 level typical of AB Class Amplifiers)
10kHz sine waveform, Hantek CC-65 starts to show attenuation.
30kHz sine waveform
40kHz sine waveform, CC-80 bandwidth limit at peak value of 0.9A, 70% of the real value (-3dB)

Additional information

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