Automotive Module

This module is not supported by all the oscilloscopes and it is not supported in the same way. Check more under each oscilloscope page.

The Automotive Module allows lengthy and continuous real-time acquisition at lower sampling rates. Although this acquisition method is usually used for car diagnostics, it can be used in several other applications. Max sampling rate varies by oscilloscope.

Before You Start

The Automotive Module license is in addition to the basic HScope license for the supported oscilloscope model.

The minimum requirement for this module is a device with 4GB RAM or more.

1. Start Recording

Rate and channel parameters to be configured prior to a recording start.

Maximum recording time is sample rate dependent and displayed under the recording button.

Recording automatically starts when a significant change in the input signal is detected.

After the recording start the parameters cannot be changed unless you run a new recording.

2. Analyze The Data

Recorded data can be zoomed and scrolled with fingers. Cursors appears as you click with 1 or 2 fingers on the horizontal axis.

Labels Tool

This tool is useful to perform the relative compression test. You can set any number of cylinder and their firing order. Example below:

720° Tool

This tool allow to add the overlay of 720 degrees of crankshaft rotation in pressure waveforms. Pink cursor is moveable (on bottom part). By clicking on the gray labels is possible to show or hide the text.


Coming soon

Cylinder Timing Overlay

This overlay allow to visualize the cylinder status at a certain time. More info in the following demo.

3. Import / Export

This module allow export and import of waveform in an efficient open format. Waveforms are saved in .zip format in the following phone folder: /Download/HScope/Automotive
Users can share the saved waveforms just by copying from and to this folder. Filenames can be changed with Android file explorer. Waveform preview is available to remember the waveform before importing.

Import / Export Tool


Hardware Limitations

This functionality is not commonly found in commercial oscilloscopes which are mostly ‘memory based’ and not ‘data streaming based’. Continuous Data Acquisition capability and speed depends strongly on hardware architecture of each oscilloscope model and the ability to ‘overclock’ its drivers.

For example the Hantek 1008 allows a maximum rate of 2KSa/s with this module, sufficient for crank position sensor diagnostics. HS10X DIY Oscilloscope Series allow up to 100KSa/s. FX2 Chipset based oscilloscopes allow a maximum continuous sampling rate up to 125KSa/s.