HScope on Raspberry Pi

HScope can run on Rasperry Pi with Android system installed on. Following are the example of implementations provided by the users.

HScope on Pi3

By Denis.

HScope on Pi4

By Dave D.

This setup has been made with a Raspberry Pi 4B inside a Argon ONE case. Attached are several pictures of a HS101 BLT, HS101 and HS402 all in action. The PI 4B has built in Bluetooth so it is possible to connect up the HS101 BLT.

Install Android 11 on Pi4

Here is the link to the Lineage OS 18.1 which is android version 11.

Here is link to google play store that will need to be installed. Dave found it easier to put the file on a USB drive and recommend putting this file on a separate USB drive for use later in the installation.


  1. Install Android to microSD or to external SSD that uses USB. I tried a USB stick and android kept locking up.
  2. Put the Google Play store file on a USB stick. I had significant issues trying to download the play store onto the Raspberry. Using a PC to download Google Play store and having it on the USB stick allowed installation per leepspvideo.
  3. I tried separate USB mouse and keyboard. Mouse wouldn’t work. I had to use a logitech K400+ integrated touchpad and keyboard.
  4. There is no pinch zooming. Its android thing. I mention this because you can double left click on the oscilloscope trace and HScope will zoom right in. But you have no way to zoom back out. What I learned to do was to toggle through “Auto/Norm/Single” selection. Then hit the play button. Then the trend zooms back out.